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Thailand Wildlife tours

Visitors see wildlife on all of our nature tours. Animals are usually not frightened by stealthy kayaks.

Our favorite jungle wildlife tour is to Khao Sok National Park. Our Phang Nga Bay tour is also good for wildlife, though not nearly as much as Khao Sok. The overall scenery in the bay is, however, world-class.

Thailand wildlife Water Monitor Lizard

We have photos of most of what we've seen. We don't just list what is 'supposed' to be here. Wild claims like seeing tigers in Khao Sok don't ever seem to be supported by photos...hmm.

Elephants, however, are there and we see them fairly often.

Check out this Khao Sok elephant video.

You can see some of our photos at:

Khao Sok images (general wildlife & scenery, birds, reptiles, and elephants)
Cave animals (taken by one of our guests)
Insect images (6 image gallery pages)
Butterfly image gallery
Several awesome image galleries are on our Pinterest page.

Thailand wildlife - plants and animals facts

  • Of the 282 species of mammals in Thailand, 92 are bats. Bats make up approximately 30% of all the mammal species on the earth.
  • 90% of all the animals in Thailand are insects.
  • Thailand hosts 30 species of sea snakes.
  • There are 4 species of sea turtles here. Interestingly, a turtle’s sex is determined by the temperature in the nest. Warmer nests produce females, whereas cooler or deeper ones produce males.
  • There are over 1,300 varieties of orchids.
  • There are at least 1,900 species of fish in the waters around Thailand (likely to be 30 to 40% higher).
  • Thailand has 1,200 species of butterflies.
  • There are approximately 200 species of hawk moths in Thailand.
  • Thailand wildanimals elephants playing in the waterThere are at least 405 species of reptiles and amphibians.
  • 10,000 species of beetles has been recorded in one national park alone.
  • Over 200 species of trees can exist in a 100 square meter section of rainforest.
  • Did you know that there are at least 400 species of coral fish?
  • Thailand has 250 species of hard corals.
  • At least 204 species of birds that have been recorded in Thailand’s mangrove forests!
  • There have been more than 1,000 species of birds recorded in Thailand.
  • 54 species of crabs have been recorded in the mangrove forests of Thailand.
  • Less than 1,500 square kilometers (600 square miles) of mangrove forest still exist on the coastlines of Thailand. Of that, only 3% is in “protected” areas.
  • A research project on the plants of Thailand has produced of 25,000 species of vascular plants (plants that have transport systems for saps and fluids). Approximately 12,000 species are flowering plants.
  • Over 100 species of ficus (fig) exist in Thailand. They all bear fruit at different times. They are a major source of food for many animal species. Incidentally, there are over 700 species worldwide and 500 of those exist in Asia and Astral-Asia. Even the botanists have a difficult time telling some species apart.
  • Thailand has 13 primates, 3 apes (all gibbons), 9 monkeys (langurs and macaques) and the very cute little Slow Loris.

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