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Tour Guides at Thailand Ecotourism

Thailand Ecotourism, a Division of Paddle Asia, is a small, intimate tour company that specializes in unique tours with emphasis on being low impact both environmentally and culturally.

Too often traveling is a venture into an industrial business with the focus on profits. Our focus is on showing you the best natural settings and allow you to interact with the local people.

Our philosophy has always been to simply run great trips and let the cards fall as they may. We want to give back to the communities where we operate and involve more educational experiences to our guests and our friends.

Paddle Asia is 100% Thai owned company. Dave is the only foreigner in the company and he does not own shares. Dave is an employee.

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Walaporn "Moo" Jitprathep - Owner, Director, and Tour Guide

Moo, Mook and DaveMoo was born and raised in Bangkok. Moo comes from a very poor family. She taught herself English and worked very hard at improving her life.
She moved to Phuket in 1991. She has a love for life that is beyond words. 

Moo and Dave have been married since 1993. They live outside of Phuket Town with daughter Mook ('Pearl' in Thai) and their six very pampered dogs and two cats.  All are rescues.

Besides co-running the company, Moo is a guide, tour leader, cooks at times and helps with everything.

If Moo is on your trip, you'll be taken very good care of. Moo is always smiling for some strange reason.

Dave Williams - General Manager

Dave Williams

Dave Williams, a lifelong naturalist, was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1955. He lived in Florida, Indiana, and Hawaii before moving to Virginia.

Not really feeling like the typical 9 to 5 job was what his life should be about, Dave volunteered to be laid-off from his middle management job at a major US corporation and headed for the tropics in 1993. 

In his youth, Dave dreamed of living a simple healthy life and spending a maximum amount of time in nature. He took up paddling in 1978 and has since paddled more than half his life. 

Thailand Ecotourism (Paddle Asia) is a labor of love for him. Being a nature lover, ecotourism fulfills his desire to work without harming the environment.

Class V Lower Meadow River in West VaDave is a lifelong fan of outdoor survival skills.  He teaches jungle survival and has been the consultant on two episodes of Dual Survival and was featured once on The Travel Show on the BBC.

Certification in CPR & First Aid

Dave is an Emergency First Response Instructor and a certified rescue technician through the Rescue 3 International organization. View certifications. All of our professional guides are certified in CPR and First Aid through Emergency First Response.

"Dave Williams is a sort of paddling encyclopaedia for Southern Thailand." Action Asia magazine

Thai tour guides - the heart of Thailand EcotourismGuide Run

Khun Run has been in the paddling and biking industry for over two decades! We have no problem with young guides, but we prefer seasoned professionals.

Khun Run has a wonderful personality with a strong desire to make sure that your valuable vaction time is both safe and extremely fun.

Run was born and raised on Ko Yao Noi in Phang Nga Bay.

Run is completely fluent in English and is first aid certified through Emergency First Response.

Khun ManThai eco tourism guide

Khun Man runs our guided Khao Sok wildlife trips, kayaking trips, and jungle survival trips. He also runs trips in the bay.

Khun Man is from Koh Yao Noi in Phang Nga Bay. 

Khun Man has been in the adventure business as a guide for more than 20 years.

Khun Man is fluent in English and is first aid certified through Emergency First Response.

Mr. Nares "Goat" Ruamsakul is another one of our Khao Sok, Survival, & Phang Nga Bay Thai guides.

Licensed tour guide thailand

Mr. Goat is licensed through the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Mr. Goat was also both born and raised on Ko Yao Noi in Phang Nga Bay. He is Mr. Run's nephew, so he comes from a very good family.

Mr. Goat is a very nice guy. Mr. Goat speaks English, though he is not fluent. He's working very hard on it.

Mr. Run, Mr. Man, and Mr. Goat are all licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.